The Strict Waterfall


The Strict Waterfall is located in a broken rift. Regions of it are inaccessible. A lunar eclipse is happening outside. It is occupied by Kuo-Toa. Michal Nolen The Overcritical, a Bulette is here. The Kuo-Toa are battling Michal Nolen The Overcritical. She is trying to research Ladacdaeua.



Ladacdaeua is a powerful artifact in the shape of a glassy meteorite. It is a bright purple color. It smells like fruit. When cradled it tunnels into the earth.


the dry cavern

There are a Yeti, an Orc Eye of Gruumsh, and a Camel here. The floor is flooded with two inch deep hot water. The air smells like plum here.

There is an engraving on the floor written in Kuo-Toa Script.

O! dire soul

restricted and whole

yet never shy

death is high

the valuable boudoir

The glass walls are ruined. The air smells like privet blossom here. White mushrooms are decaying in broken urns.

the open wardroom

There are a Kuo-Toa Monitor and a Kuo-Toa Whip here. The brick walls are bloodstained. The air smells like liver here. The Kuo-Toa are performing a ritual. If not interrupted, Michal Nolen will be magically alarmed.

the complex belfry

The glass walls are scratched. The air smells like rum here.

the private office

There are a Magma Mephit, an Orog, a Tridrone, and a Green Hag here. The floor is glossy. The air smells like seashore here.

the international hideaway

There are two Kuo-Toa Whips, a Kuo-Toa Monitor, three Kuo-Toa, here. The air smells like absinthe here. Blue razorgrass is growing in broken urns. The Kuo-Toa are willing to fight to the death.

the long guard post

The floor is sticky. The air tastes like ginger here. There are a Cult Fanatic, a Winter Wolf, a Bandit, a Giant Sea Horse, and a Boar here.