The Similar Executive


The Similar Executive is located in an obsidion city. Regions of it are flooded. The ruin is flooding. It is occupied by Deep Gnomes. Jinny Reis The Interfering, a Bearded Devil is here. The Deep Gnomes are the minions of Jinny Reis The Interfering. She is founding a new religion.


Laeic Dmuduhfedmaf

Laeic Dmuduhfedmaf is a powerful artifact in the shape of a smooth meteorite. It smells like currant. It is a bright red color. When thrown it curses all nearby.


the shallow passageway

The floor is flooded with eight inch deep lukewarm water. The crystal walls are scratched. The air tastes like lychee here.

the illegal theater

The air tastes like capers here. The floor is glossy. Green ferns are decaying from the ceiling. There are four Deep Gnomes here. The Deep Gnomes are crazy with bloodlust.

the regular courtyard

There are a Rug of Smothering and a Manes here. Gray moss is swaying from the ceiling. There is a trap here. When activated, a magical sound detector will launch stone blocks from the ceiling. The floor is glossy.

the domestic temple

The air tastes like rye bread here. The wooden walls are covered in mold.

There is an engraving on a monolith written in common.

A trap ahead.

the portable forge

Yellow razorgrass is sprouting from the ceiling. The air tastes like logenberry here. The floor is glossy.

the supplementary laboratory

The obsidion walls are scratched.

the grateful pantry

The floor is smooth. White ferns are sprouting from the walls. The crystal walls are unsettled.

the liberal latrines

The floor is smooth. There are four Deep Gnomes here. The obsidion walls are ruined. One of the Deep Gnomes is on watch, the rest are caring for babies.

the serious keep

The concrete walls are ruined. The floor is bloodstained. The air smells like asparagus here.

the ordinary office

There are a Poisonous Snake, a Spined Devil, a Commoner, and a Vulture here. The glass walls are bloodstained.

the plain bedchamber

The floor is cluttered with debris. White mushrooms are decaying in broken urns.

There is an engraving on a monolith written in common.

O my fate is poor

square and blank

it is always premature

hope is frank