The Religious Telephone


The Religious Telephone is located in an alien mountain. Regions of The Religious Telephone are frozen. The ruin is coming to life. It is occupied by Kuo-Toa. Gilbert Whipple The Intolerant, a Gnoll Pack Lord is here. The Kuo-Toa are the slaves of Gilbert Whipple The Intolerant. He is trying to discover Luuf.



Luuf has the form of a soft doll. It smells like chestnut. When cradled it makes its owner invisible.


the visible anteroom

The air tastes like powder here.

the successful antechamber

Gray moss is decaying in broken urns. The air tastes like privet here.

the liberal vault

The air tastes like seaweed here. Gray ferns are swaying in a patch on the floor.

the geological prison

The concrete walls are unsettled.

the imperial depository

The concrete walls are ruined. Green lichens are decaying in cracks in the floor.