The Related Fee is located in a volcanic city. Some rooms of The Related Fee are flooded. A blizzard is happening outside. It is occupied by Demons. Barton Carmichael The Obsessive, a Hill Giant is here. The Demons are the minions of Barton Carmichael The Obsessive. He is founding a new religion.


The Indirect Bench

The Indirect Bench has the form of a hard monument. It smells like hay. Psychic energy slips around it. When carried it grants psychic powers.


the socialist conservatory

The air tastes like shrimp here.

There is an engraving on the wall written in Demons Script.

A pocket is a rat

unfortunate, tall, wild

important and terminal

main and industrial

always arrogant

The Indirect Bench

ever round

scientific and charismatic

ever ugly

the awful antechamber

the violent kitchen

The wooden walls are bloodstained. There are a Rhinoceros, a Helmed Horror, and a Tridrone here. The floor is bloodstained.

the false hold

White ferns are growing from the ceiling. The floor is bloodstained.

the surprising courtyard

The air smells like beeswax here. Red moss is sprouting from the walls. There are two Giant Sharks here.

the talented atrium

The floor is glossy. Yellow moss is swaying from the ceiling. The air tastes like styrene here. The crystal walls are unsettled.

the grand entrance hall

Blue lichens are decaying from the walls. There are a Displacer Beast, a Swarm of Bats, a Mage, a Scarecrow, a Swarm of Quippers, a Cultist, and a Vulture here.

the indoor threshold

Yellow lichens are growing from the ceiling. There are a Spined Devil and a Cambion here. The Demons are sleeping.

the clean stables

The stone walls are bloodstained. The floor is smooth. There are a Kuo-Toa Monitor and a Knight here.

the varied sitting Room

The stone walls are ruined. The air smells like geranium here. The floor is glossy.

the inadequate foyer

The air tastes like nutmeg here. Green ferns are sprouting from the walls.

the conventional depository

The stone walls are bloodstained. The air smells like burnt sugar here. There are two Succubi here. The floor is sticky. White mushrooms are growing in broken urns. One of the Demons is pointing a ballista at the entrance.

the tall greenhouse

Green mushrooms are sprouting from the ceiling. The metallic walls are ruined.

the presidential sunroom

The glass walls are bloodstained. The air tastes like earth here.

the stable studio

The air tastes like green tea here. The floor is bloodstained. There are an Imp, a Succubus, and an Incubus here. The brick walls are caving in. One of the Demons is on watch, the rest are sleeping.