The Positive Biology


The Positive Biology is located under a volcanic tree. Some rooms of The Positive Biology are frozen. A blizzard is happening outside. It is occupied by Yuan-Ti. Jacquelyn Fraley The Fussy, a Spined Devil is here. The Yuan-Ti worship Jacquelyn Fraley The Fussy. She is founding a new religion.



Ecdaeum has the form of a broken meteorite. Cacophony shifts towards it. When eaten it projects energy.


the irrelevant training hall

There are two Yuan-Ti Purebloods here. The crystal walls are bloodstained. The Yuan-Ti are willing to negotiate.

the still office

Blue ferns are sprouting from the walls.

the bloody stables

The floor is bloodstained. White ferns are swaying from the ceiling. There are two Yuan-Ti Purebloods here. The Yuan-Ti are caring for babies.

the industrial nursery

The brick walls are bloodstained. Blue lichens are sprouting from the ceiling. The floor is sticky.

the progressive linen room

There is a Merrow here. Gray mushrooms are swaying from the ceiling.