The Lonely Election


The Lonely Election is located under a haunted tree. Parts of The Lonely Election are cursed. A lunar eclipse is happening outside. It is occupied by Ogres. Rowena Tovar The Self-Indulgent, an Assassin is here. The Ogres are ruled by Rowena Tovar The Self-Indulgent. She is founding a new religion.



Geuuof looks like a sharp prism. It is a bright yellow color. When rubbed it destroys others.


the archaeological study

Blue lichens are decaying in a patch on the floor. There is a trap here. When activated, a magical rune will launch a poison needle. The air smells like candy here.

the established minaret

The floor is sticky. The concrete walls are caving in. There are seven Half-Ogres and an Ogre here. The Ogres are crazy with bloodlust.

the restricted cloister

Red razorgrass is decaying in cracks in the floor. The air tastes like paper here. The floor is cluttered with rocks.

the international belfry

The crystal walls are caving in. The air smells like asparagus here. The floor is smooth. Gray lichens are sprouting in a patch on the floor.

There is an engraving on a tablet written in common.

We are envious

but never responsible


deadly, sticky, valid

stable and convenient

the original laboratory

The concrete walls are unsettled. The air smells like must here.

the dangerous kitchen

There are a Githyanki Warrior, a Manticore, a Myconid Adult, a Brown Bear, an Octopus, and a Polar Bear here. The floor is glossy. The stone walls are ruined.

the productive storeroom

The air tastes like grass here. Yellow mushrooms are sprouting from the walls. There are a Death Dog, a Dretch, a Carrion Crawler, a Lemure, a Rat, a Scarecrow, and a Wyvern here.