The Functional Situation


The Functional Situation is located in a giant tree. Some areas of it are foggy. The ruin is collapsing slowly. It is occupied by Myconids. Craig Ivey The Touchy, a Frost Giant is here. The Myconids are ruled by Craig Ivey The Touchy. He is founding a new religion.



Iaehh is a powerful artifact in the shape of a cold figurine. It smells like autumn. When worn it shows an image of the future.


the sad pool

The floor is smooth. There are four Myconid Sovereigns and two Myconid Adults here. The Myconids are performing a ritual. If not interrupted, the ruin dogs will be weakened.

the bare barracks

The floor is bloodstained. The air tastes like mushroom here. The concrete walls are ruined. There are four Myconid Sovereigns and two Myconid Adults here. If the Myconids notice the Ruin Dogs, one of them will retreat and alert the others.

the visible parlor

There are a Jackalwere, an Axe Beak, an Ice Mephit, an Awakened Shrub, a Clay Golem, two Hell Hounds, and here. Gray moss is swaying from the ceiling. The air tastes like petitgrain here. The floor is flooded with eight inch deep cool water. There is a trap here. When activated, a pressure plate will cast a curse. The stone walls are ruined.

the visible hideaway

The air smells like patchouli here. Blue ferns are growing in cracks in the floor. The floor is smooth. There are a Red Dragon Wyrmling, an Incubus, a Tribal Warrior, a Mastiff, and a Death Dog here.

the broken chapel

The air smells like citronella here. The glass walls are scratched. There are a Water Elemental, two Sahuagin Priestesses, a Yuan-Ti Pureblood, and here.

There is an engraving on the ceiling written in common.

Dear me! meak fate

resident, loose, late

it is never long

life is wrong

the productive refectory

Gray moss is sprouting in cracks in the floor.

the scientific tomb

The air smells like elderflower here. The concrete walls are unsettled. Red mushrooms are sprouting in broken urns.

the orthodox sepulcher

The air smells like camphoreous here. The metallic walls are ruined.