The Experienced Radiation


The Experienced Radiation is located on a spikey plain. Regions of The Experienced Radiation are flooded. A windstorm is happening outside. It is occupied by Cyclopses. Denis Victor The Parsimonious, a Fire Giant is here. The Cyclopses are battling Denis Victor The Parsimonious. He is trying to research The Round Document.


The Round Document

The Round Document looks like a transparent amulet. It smells like coconut. It is a light purple color. When eaten it sings the hymn of the damned.


the fine storeroom

There are two Cyclopses here. The floor is flooded with five inch deep cool water. If the Cyclopses notice the Ruin Dogs, one of them will retreat and alert Denis Victor.

the perfect sewing room

The air tastes like neroli here.

the public tower

There are a Red Slaad and a Vampire Spawn here. The air smells like cologne here. The floor is bloodstained.

the quiet tunnel

There are a Goat, a Treant, and a Xorn here. The obsidion walls are scratched. The floor is flooded with nine inch deep lukewarm water.

the convenient guard post

The air tastes like rum here. The wooden walls are pristine.

the dangerous repository

The air smells like bread crust here. Red razorgrass is sprouting from the walls. The floor is sticky.

the linear sanctum

The air tastes like raisin here. The mirrored walls are scratched. The floor is glossy.

the perfect shrine

White lichens are decaying in a patch on the floor.