The Dominant Quota


The Dominant Quota is located on a volcanic city. Parts of The Dominant Quota are incredibly hot. A lunar eclipse is happening outside. It is occupied by Demons. Margeret Gladden The Machiavellian, a Stone Giant is here. The Demons are ruled by Margeret Gladden The Machiavellian. She is trying to find The Mild Flavour.


The Mild Flavour

The Mild Flavour has the form of a hard orb. It smells like osmanthus. When worn it levitates those nearby.


the restricted propylaeum

The air tastes like meat here. The obsidion walls are bloodstained.

The brick walls are caving in. There are a Quasit, a Vine Blight, and a Xorn here.

the normal nursery

The air smells like acrylate here. There are a Spined Devil and a Succubus here. The Demons are berserk with rage.

the noble latrine

The floor is smooth. There are a Cat, a Shadow, an Owlbear, and a Revenant here.

the plain park

The floor is sticky. There are a Swarm of Ravens, an Elephant, and a Giant Boar here.