The Domestic Declaration


The Domestic Declaration is located on a ruined rift. Regions of it are foggy. A massive flood is happening outside. It is occupied by Satyrs. Mohammed Keller The Jealous, a Barbed Devil is here. The Satyrs are the minions of Mohammed Keller The Jealous. He is founding a new religion.


The Vague Cruelty

The Vague Cruelty has the form of a hard monument. It is a bright purple color. Power pours towards it. When gazed upon it changes the past.


the lost necropolis

The obsidion walls are pristine. There is a trap here. When activated, a magical sound detector will flood the room with water. Blue razorgrass is growing in cracks in the floor.

There is an engraving on the ceiling written in common.

I tried giving up.

the fragrant sitting Room

The floor is cluttered with bones.

the unpleasant shrine

There are twelve Satyrs here. The glass walls are ruined. The Satyrs are willing to negotiate.

the hot rampart

The air smells like pine here. The floor is bloodstained. White lichens are sprouting from the walls. The wooden walls are unsettled.

the unpleasant closet

The air smells like acai here. Green mushrooms are growing in a patch on the floor.

the slippery storeroom

The mirrored walls are covered in mold. The air tastes like chicken coup here.

the dramatic storage

The stone walls are caving in. The air tastes like violet leaf here.

the major coliseum

The air smells like violet leaf here. The concrete walls are unsettled.

There is an engraving on a tablet written in common.

Oh our fate is poor

nervous and secure

ever distant

fate is consistent

the bloody tomb

The obsidion walls are unsettled. There are a Brown Bear and a Xorn here.

the clear closet

White razorgrass is swaying in a patch on the floor. The floor is sticky. There are a Vampire Spawn and a Dire Wolf here.

There is an engraving on a monolith written in Satyrs Script.

The Vague Cruelty

functional and old