The Dark Picture


The Dark Picture is located under a spikey tree. Some rooms of The Dark Picture are flooded. The ruin is burning. It is occupied by Sprites. Dee Rigsby The Boring, a Kuo-Toa Monitor is here. The Sprites worship Dee Rigsby The Boring. She is founding a new religion.


The Obese Plan

The Obese Plan has the form of a warm meteorite. It is a medium brown color. Magic glows towards it. When picked up it makes its owner invisible.


the full-time linen room

The stone walls are caving in. The air tastes like zedoary here. There are a Sahuagin, a Giant Octopus, and a Displacer Beast here. Gray lichens are decaying in cracks in the floor.

the single study

The wooden walls are bloodstained. Gray ferns are growing in cracks in the floor. The floor is cluttered with bones.

There is an engraving on a tablet written in Sprites Script.

Leave now.

the bad wardroom

The floor is smooth.

the profound pantry

There are twelve Sprites here. White mushrooms are sprouting from the walls. The Sprites are berserk with rage.

the hilarious nursery

The floor is smooth. Red moss is decaying in a patch on the floor. The concrete walls are pristine.

the corporate war Room

Green lichens are decaying in cracks in the floor. The floor is smooth.