Mudaeum is constructed on a giant plain. Parts of it are incredibly hot. The ruin is flooding. It is occupied by Kuo-Toa. Angelina Sauls The Truculent, a Bandit Captain is here. The Kuo-Toa worship Angelina Sauls The Truculent. She is trying to exploit Cedmalfeh Hahaeihedofa.


Cedmalfeh Hahaeihedofa

Cedmalfeh Hahaeihedofa has the form of a transparent amulet. When carried it curses all nearby.


the unexpected shrine

Green ferns are sprouting in cracks in the floor.

There is an engraving on a tablet written in Kuo-Toa Script.

I am lost in Mudaeum.

Run away.

the restricted kitchen

There are a Kuo-Toa Whip, a Kuo-Toa Monitor, and a Kuo-Toa here. The concrete walls are bloodstained. The Kuo-Toa are fighting amongst themselves.

There is an engraving on a tablet written in common.

A trap ahead.

the infinite chapel

the technical parlor

The air tastes like boysenberry here. There are three Kuo-Toa Whips and three Kuo-Toa here. The Kuo-Toa are crazy with bloodlust.

the ugly hall

The floor is flooded with three inch deep cold water. The mirrored walls are covered in mold. Red lichens are swaying from the ceiling. The air smells like menthol here.

There is an engraving on the ceiling written in common.

A branch is a blue

liquid, careful, transparent

the regular refectory

The air tastes like citronella here.

the loud library

There are a Dryad, a Gray Ooze, a Blood Hawk, and a Bandit Captain here. Red ferns are sprouting in a patch on the floor. The concrete walls are ruined.