Mod is constructed on an obsidion tree. Parts of Mod are inaccessible. The ruin is sinking into the earth. It is occupied by Satyrs. Cheryle Snipes The Obstinate, a Barbed Devil is here. The Satyrs are the minions of Cheryle Snipes The Obstinate. She is founding a new religion.



Cubbomaeid has the form of a hard meteorite. It smells like tea. It is a dark brown color. When held it aids memory.


the random keep

The floor is sticky. The air smells like marigold here. Yellow mushrooms are decaying from the ceiling. The crystal walls are covered in mold.

There is an engraving on a tablet written in common.

A collar is a limit

direct, narrow, single

yet tall

full-time, outside, fine

influential, sensitive, ambiguous


obscure, permanent, shallow

stunning and pleasant

We are corrupted

international and international

large, considerable, monthly

We are corrupted

but never cruel

the black storeroom

the irrelevant coliseum

The metallic walls are ruined. There are a Giant fire beetle, a Gold Dragon Wyrmling, and an Ogre Zombie here. The air tastes like musk here.

the cute antechamber

The air smells like freshly cut hay here. The crystal walls are covered in mold. White razorgrass is sprouting in a patch on the floor. There are eight Satyrs here. One of the Satyrs is pointing a ballista at the entrance.

the dangerous temple

The floor is flooded with nine inch deep scalding water. There is a trap here. When activated, a magical proximity detector will launch a poison needle. There are a Darkmantle, a Giant Toad, a Nightmare, and a Black Dragon Wyrmling here. White lichens are sprouting in a patch on the floor.

the temporary barracks

The air smells like coumarinic here. The floor is smooth. The concrete walls are bloodstained.

the important entrance hall

The mirrored walls are unsettled. There are eight Satyrs here. The air smells like cornmint here. The Satyrs are willing to negotiate.