Medofa is located in a flooded tree. Some rooms of Medofa are unbearably hot. A massive storm is happening outside. It is occupied by Lizardfolk. Anibal Jefferies The Inconsiderate, a Cloud Giant is here. The Lizardfolk are the soldiers of Anibal Jefferies The Inconsiderate. He is founding a new religion.



Laeicu looks like a warm gem. When worshipped it flies into the air.


the reliable vestibule

The air smells like currant bud here. Blue ferns are decaying in broken urns.

the elegant wardroom

the regular mine

Red ferns are swaying from the ceiling. There are five Lizardfolk Shamans here. If the Lizardfolk notice the Ruin Dogs, one of them will retreat and alert the others.

the dry battlement

The floor is glossy. The air smells like shellfish here.

the permanent portico

The stone walls are unsettled. There are a Reef Shark, an Orog, a Blue Slaad, and a Giant Spider here.

the lucky spire

There are five Lizardfolk Shamans and two Lizardfolk here. The air smells like corn chip here. The mirrored walls are scratched. Gray moss is decaying from the ceiling. One of the Lizardfolk is on watch, the rest are sleeping.

There is an engraving on a tablet written in Lizardfolk Script.

They are corrupted

peaceful and favorable

the monstrous threshold

Red razorgrass is sprouting from the walls. The floor is smooth. The air smells like lavender here.

There is an engraving on a stone written in Lizardfolk Script.

We are cursed

safe and agile

the dark prison

The air smells like frying here. The floor is smooth.

the secure sitting Room

The floor is smooth. The air smells like rum here. There are five Lizardfolk Shamans and three Lizardfolk here. The Lizardfolk are drunk.

There is an engraving on the ceiling written in Lizardfolk Script.

I am lost in Medofa.

the seasonal sunroom

There are four Lizardfolk Shamans and four Lizardfolk here. The floor is flooded with five inch deep cold water. Blue moss is growing from the walls. The Lizardfolk are crazy with bloodlust.

the limited storage

The stone walls are caving in. There are a Chasme, a Black Bear, and a Night Hag here. Green mushrooms are sprouting in broken urns. The air tastes like pine here.