Luh Cuaem


Luh Cuaem is constructed on a broken rift. Parts of Luh Cuaem are flooded. The ruin is coming to life. It is occupied by Dryads. Arnold Wellman The Boastful, a Yuan-Ti Abomination is here. The Dryads are battling Arnold Wellman The Boastful. He is trying to understand Caedaesam Goii.


Caedaesam Goii

Caedaesam Goii is a powerful artifact in the shape of a soft doll. It smells like humus. Power flows towards it. When picked up it ignites its surrroundings.


the dull necropolis

There are seven Dryads here. There is a trap here. When activated, a magical rune will launch a poison needle. The floor is cluttered with shells. White lichens are swaying in broken urns. One of the Dryads is on watch, the rest are caring for babies.

the cheap privy

There are a Githzerai Zerth, a Draft Horse, a Grick, and a Needle Blight here. The air smells like currant bud here. The stone walls are scratched.

the inappropriate shrine

There are seven Dryads here. The Dryads are fighting amongst themselves.

the miserable storage

The floor is bloodstained. The air tastes like corn chip here.

the middle-class cloister

The floor is glossy. The air tastes like tuberose here. The mirrored walls are unsettled.

the bad summoning room

The floor is bloodstained. White moss is swaying from the walls.