Lfegd is located in an obsidion rift. Some areas of Lfegd are unbearably hot. A massive flood is happening outside. It is occupied by Duergars. Gaston Bowling The Cruel, a Cloud Giant is here. The Duergars are ruled by Gaston Bowling The Cruel. He is trying to find The Flexible Licence.


The Flexible Licence

The Flexible Licence is a powerful artifact in the shape of a warm orb. It is a medium orange color. When touched it curses all nearby.


the experimental latrines

The floor is sticky. There are nine Duergars here. White lichens are growing in a patch on the floor. The Duergars are performing a ritual. If not interrupted, the ruin dogs will be weakened.

There is an engraving on a stone written in common.

I discovered The Flexible Licence.

the illegal belfry

The air smells like sawdust here. The mirrored walls are caving in. There is a trap here. When activated, a tripwire will collapse a wall. The floor is sticky.

There is an engraving on the ceiling written in common.

I am lost in Lfegd.

Try cowering.

the shallow larder

Yellow mushrooms are decaying in broken urns.

There is an engraving on a stone written in common.

A hospital is a banner

ever legal

sticky, enjoyable, rural

you are not punished

the quiet laboratory

Red ferns are decaying from the ceiling. The brick walls are scratched.

the official crematorium

The air tastes like rancid butter here. There are a Manes, a Veteran, an Old Faerie Dragon, a Berserker, a Giant Octopus, a Myconid Adult, a Needle Blight, an Octopus, and a Mammoth here. The wooden walls are pristine.

There is an engraving on a monolith written in Duergars Script.

O! meak we

it is always free

privileged, automatic, indirect

everything is direct

the important latrine

Gray lichens are sprouting in a patch on the floor. There are a Zombie, a Yeti, a Blue Slaad, a Camel, and a Cambion here.

the influential cavern

There are a Sprite, a Giant Rat, a Quaggoth Thonot, a Young Blue Dragon, a Bugbear, and a Deer here. The obsidion walls are ruined. The floor is bloodstained. Yellow razorgrass is sprouting in broken urns.

the fine sewing room

The air smells like paper here. The floor is cluttered with bones. White moss is swaying in broken urns.

the rich cavern

The floor is smooth. The air tastes like mushroom here. Yellow razorgrass is decaying from the walls. The metallic walls are ruined.

the historical conservatory

Gray moss is swaying from the walls. There are a Myconid Sovereign, a Flesh Golem, a Myconid Adult, and a Pegasus here.

the dry barracks

The air tastes like melon rind here. The floor is sticky.

the imperial bath

The air tastes like peanut here. The floor is flooded with eight inch deep lukewarm water.

the historical courtyard

The floor is glossy. The mirrored walls are ruined. There are a Young Silver Dragon and a Chimera here. The air tastes like chamomile here.

The wooden walls are pristine.

the ugly barracks

The concrete walls are pristine. Gray mushrooms are sprouting in a patch on the floor.