Lewi is located on a giant mountain. Regions of it are corrupted. The ruin is collapsing slowly. It is occupied by Centaurs. Edison Parson The Patronizing, a Vampire Spawn is here. The Centaurs have been charmed by Edison Parson The Patronizing. He is founding a new religion.



Camioi has the form of a smooth gem. It is a dark yellow color. It smells like styrene. Light glows towards it. When worshipped it liquifies.


the progressive entrance hall

The floor is cluttered with bones. There is a trap here. When activated, a magical sound detector will fire a scything blade. There are a Gnoll, a Swarm of Ravens, a Smoke Mephit, an Elk, and a Werebear here. Blue mushrooms are sprouting in cracks in the floor.

the stable coliseum

The glass walls are ruined. The floor is bloodstained. The air smells like cooked onion here. There are three Centaurs here. Green mushrooms are swaying in a patch on the floor. The Centaurs are willing to negotiate.

the cold meditation room

The stone walls are caving in. There are three Centaurs here. One of the Centaurs is on watch, the rest are sleeping.

the mechanical cloister

The floor is sticky. The air tastes like sassafrass here.

the toxic barracks

Blue ferns are decaying in a patch on the floor. There are three Centaurs here. If the Centaurs notice the Ruin Dogs, one of them will retreat and alert Edison Parson.

the structural storeroom

There are a Gladiator and a Berserker here. The air smells like potato here. White razorgrass is swaying in cracks in the floor.

There is an engraving on the ceiling written in common.

Run away.

the peaceful propylaeum

Blue moss is sprouting in cracks in the floor. The floor is sticky.