Ioidaecaeum is located on a volcanic plain. Parts of Ioidaecaeum are cursed. The ruin is burning. It is occupied by Orc. Larissa Melendez The Domineering, an Orc War Chief is here. The Orc are the slaves of Larissa Melendez The Domineering. She is founding a new religion.


The Restless Defeat

The Restless Defeat looks like a transparent orb. It is a medium gray color. It smells like red apple. When touched it becomes a shielding force.


the satisfactory dormitory

There are eight Orcs here. The floor is smooth. Blue moss is decaying in cracks in the floor. The Orc are defending this room from intruders.

the warm temple

There are eight Orcs here. Gray moss is sprouting in a patch on the floor. The brick walls are scratched. The floor is sticky. The air tastes like clary sage here. The Orc are crazy with bloodlust.

the vertical atrium

The floor is flooded with one inch deep cool water. There are eight Orcs here. The air tastes like mulberry here. The glass walls are pristine. The Orc are willing to negotiate.

the tall shrine

The floor is cluttered with ashes.

the satisfactory courthall

There is a trap here. When activated, a magical rune will make the walls close in. There are a Centaur, a Quasit, and a Sea Hag here. The wooden walls are covered in mold. The floor is smooth.

There is an engraving on the wall written in common.

Do not try jumping.

the scientific war Room

The air smells like cardamom here. The mirrored walls are pristine.

the socialist repository

The air smells like wasabi here. There are a Wererat, a Swarm of Bats, a Giant Spider, and a Harpy here. Blue ferns are growing in broken urns.

the profound pool

The air tastes like carrot seed here. There are a Water Weird and an Ogre here. Blue mushrooms are decaying in a patch on the floor.

Red lichens are sprouting in broken urns. There are a Silver Dragon Wyrmling, a Draft Horse, a Merfolk, and a Griffon here.

the lost kitchen

The glass walls are ruined.

The floor is sticky. The metallic walls are caving in. There are a Blue Dragon Wyrmling and a Green Dragon Wyrmling here. White moss is growing from the ceiling.

the dangerous studio

There are a Water Weird, a Reef Shark, and a Swarm of Insects here.

the formal bath

the stable office

There are a Pony, a Giant Wolf Spider, a Yuan-Ti Malison, and a Griffon here.

the smooth latrines

The floor is bloodstained. The air smells like lily here. Yellow ferns are swaying in a patch on the floor.

There is an engraving on a monolith written in common.

O! pitiful god

ready and odd

yet respectable

death is odd