Imufdi is located on a volcanic city. Some rooms of it are inaccessible. The ruin is collapsing slowly. It is occupied by Githzerai. Carroll Lemaster The Changeable, a Drow Elite Warrior is here. The Githzerai are ruled by Carroll Lemaster The Changeable. He is founding a new religion.


Amhehabamd Iaefmaemh

Amhehabamd Iaefmaemh is a powerful artifact in the shape of a glassy gem. Air incinerates towards it. When gazed upon it destroys itself.


the exotic garden

The air tastes like mutton here. There are three Githzerai Monks here. If the Githzerai notice the Ruin Dogs, one of them will retreat and alert the others.

the vocational well

The air tastes like laundered cloth here. The floor is flooded with six inch deep scalding water.

the complex cloister

There are a Giant Constrictor Snake, a Jackal, a Dire Wolf, an Axe Beak, a Sahuagin Priestess, a Needle Blight, and a Crocodile here. The air tastes like green onion here. The mirrored walls are scratched. The floor is flooded with three inch deep hot water. Blue lichens are sprouting in broken urns.

the infinite propylaeum

The air smells like apple here. The floor is cluttered with shells.

the graphic atrium

The concrete walls are unsettled. The air tastes like cauliflower here.

the single crypt

There are three Githzerai Monks here. The Githzerai are willing to fight to the death.

There is an engraving on a stone written in common.

I am lost in Imufdi.

Try cowering.

the continental bedroom

The metallic walls are covered in mold. Yellow moss is growing from the walls.