Imeluia is located on a spikey city. Parts of it are frozen. A battle between raiders is happening outside. It is occupied by Centaurs. Meagan Pritchard The Impatient, a Mind Flayer is here. The Centaurs have been charmed by Meagan Pritchard The Impatient. She is trying to hide Desdewiaf Becaod.


Desdewiaf Becaod

Desdewiaf Becaod is a powerful artifact in the shape of a sharp meteorite. When picked up it floats above the ground.


the military depository

Yellow lichens are growing in a patch on the floor. The crystal walls are covered in mold. The floor is cluttered with rocks.

the uncomfortable atrium

Red moss is swaying from the walls. The floor is flooded with one inch deep scalding water. The mirrored walls are unsettled.

the comfortable war Room

Gray mushrooms are growing from the ceiling. There are three Centaurs here. The glass walls are unsettled. The Centaurs are performing a ritual. If not interrupted, the Centaurs will become more powerful.

the progressive sewing room

The air tastes like tequila here.

There is an engraving on a monolith written in Centaurs Script.

You are lost

yet never aware

ever soft

You are sorrowful

helpful, rare, delicate

but medieval

yet urban

useful, poor, commercial

You are lost

the established office

There are three Centaurs here. The brick walls are covered in mold. The floor is cluttered with debris. The air smells like liver here. If the Centaurs notice the Ruin Dogs, one of them will retreat and alert the others.

the exotic pantry

The floor is sticky. Yellow razorgrass is sprouting in broken urns.