Imegd Iafuemd


Imegd Iafuemd is located under a ruined city. Regions of Imegd Iafuemd are corrupted. A massive flood is happening outside. It is occupied by Sahuagins. Matthew Schultz The Cruel, a Kuo-Toa Archpriest is here. The Sahuagins are the minions of Matthew Schultz The Cruel. He is trying to steal Lageohd.



Lageohd has the form of a mushy monument. It is a shifting gray color. When rubbed it emits dust.


the experimental shrine

Gray mushrooms are sprouting in broken urns. The floor is glossy. The crystal walls are scratched. The air tastes like baked potato here.

the structural shrine

The air tastes like lobster here. The stone walls are pristine. Blue ferns are decaying from the ceiling.

the abnormal laboratory

The floor is bloodstained. The concrete walls are ruined.

the uniform meeting hall

Green ferns are growing in cracks in the floor. There are a Flumph, a Bronze Dragon Wyrmling, a Green Dragon Wyrmling, and a Grick here.

the regular hallway

The concrete walls are unsettled.

the bureaucratic courtyard

There are three Sahuagin Priestesses here. Blue moss is decaying in cracks in the floor. The floor is cluttered with debris. The Sahuagins are willing to negotiate.

the slippery labyrinth

The air smells like labdanum here. The floor is flooded with eight inch deep hot water. There are three Sahuagin Priestesses here. The Sahuagins are defending this room from intruders.

the incapable steeple

There is a trap here. When activated, a magical proximity detector will launch a rolling boulder. The glass walls are unsettled. The floor is smooth.