Icama Dhem


Icama Dhem is constructed on a crystal tree. Parts of Icama Dhem are corrupted. A massive flood is happening outside. It is occupied by Satyrs. Julio Bush The Pusillanimous, a Berserker is here. The Satyrs worship Julio Bush The Pusillanimous. She is founding a new religion.


The Serious Consumption

The Serious Consumption has the form of a soft spear. It smells like magnolia. When gazed upon it burns the mind.


the hot chapel

The air tastes like salmon here. The floor is flooded with four inch deep scalding water.

There is an engraving on the floor written in Satyrs Script.

O! sorry soul

it is always whole

it is never outer

nothing is whole

the colourful entrance hall

The floor is bloodstained. The air tastes like ripe banana here.

the peaceful nursery

The obsidion walls are pristine. The air smells like honeysuckle here. There are six Satyrs here. The floor is smooth. One of the Satyrs is pointing a ballista at the entrance.

the continental keep

There is a Quaggoth Thonot here. The concrete walls are pristine. Yellow lichens are swaying from the ceiling.

There is an engraving on a monolith written in Satyrs Script.

I am looting Icama Dhem.

I thought about leaving.

the inadequate sanctum

The air tastes like starfruit here. The crystal walls are covered in mold. Green razorgrass is growing in a patch on the floor.