Iaaeldm is located on a cursed tree. Regions of Iaaeldm are foggy. The ruin is flooding. It is occupied by Drows. Nicola Barnhill The Bossy, a Druid is here. The Drows are ruled by Nicola Barnhill The Bossy. She is founding a new religion.



Aggufd is a powerful artifact in the shape of a smooth spear. Magic glows away from it. It is a shifting purple color. When carried it emits dust.


the cute cistern

The mirrored walls are pristine. The air tastes like cucumber here.

the common belfry

The air smells like leather here. There are a Doppelganger and a Ghast here. Gray razorgrass is growing in broken urns. The floor is glossy.

the rough foyer

The floor is flooded with nine inch deep hot water. The air tastes like privet blossom here. The stone walls are pristine.

the slow shrine

The air tastes like toast here. The floor is flooded with three inch deep hot water.

the linear summoning room

The air tastes like narcissus here. The glass walls are covered in mold. The floor is glossy.

There is an engraving on the ceiling written in Drows Script.

Dear me! weak fate

sufficient, vocational, rational

busy, funny, straight

cruelty is national

the shallow crematorium

Gray lichens are swaying from the ceiling. There is a Green Hag here.

There is an engraving on a monolith written in common.

Run away.

the systematic kitchen

The crystal walls are pristine.

the toxic bath

The floor is glossy. The crystal walls are ruined. Gray moss is growing from the ceiling.

the monstrous war Room

The air tastes like pepper here. There are a Manticore, a Steam Mephit, and a Minotaur Skeleton here. Gray mushrooms are swaying in broken urns.