Haehwi Deiiaeum


Haehwi Deiiaeum is located on a cursed plain. Some areas of Haehwi Deiiaeum are flooded. The ruin is flooding. It is occupied by Humans. Shizuko Usher The Quick-Tempered, a Cloud Giant is here. The Humans are the minions of Shizuko Usher The Quick-Tempered. She is trying to find Cumcaddaeum.



Cumcaddaeum is a powerful artifact in the shape of a sharp orb. Light glows away from it. It smells like gooseberry. When picked up it become energized with a powerful vibration.


the noisy foyer

The brick walls are ruined. There are a Bandit, a Triceratops, a Cultist, a Mule, and a Grick Alpha here. The air tastes like resin here.

the corporate vault

The crystal walls are bloodstained.

There is an engraving on a stone written in Humans Script.

I am seeking Cumcaddaeum.

Hide here.

the urban storeroom

The crystal walls are pristine. Gray moss is growing from the ceiling.

the influential minaret

The air smells like ambergris here. Yellow moss is growing from the ceiling. The glass walls are unsettled.

the fair garden

White lichens are growing in broken urns. The floor is cluttered with shells. The crystal walls are caving in. There is a trap here. When activated, a magical sound detector will open a trapdoor in the floor.

the happy stables

The air tastes like tamarind here. The floor is cluttered with rocks.

the temporary hall

There is a trap here. When activated, a tripwire will launch a swinging block. The metallic walls are caving in. The air tastes like pepper here.

the illegal pantry

Blue moss is swaying in cracks in the floor. The floor is glossy. There are two Otyughs, a Dryad, a Priest, and here.