Haedmaf is located on a poisoned rift. Some areas of Haedmaf are foggy. The ruin is flooding. It is occupied by Orc. Renaldo Rau The Indecisive, a Drow Elite Warrior is here. The Orc are the minions of Renaldo Rau The Indecisive. He is founding a new religion.


Idufb Ehhuiaemca

Idufb Ehhuiaemca looks like a glassy rock. It smells like paper. When picked up it becomes a shielding force.


the comfortable forge

The air tastes like lavender here. There is a trap here. When activated, a magical sound detector will make the ceiling slowly lower. Green mushrooms are swaying in cracks in the floor.

There is an engraving on the wall written in common.

I worship Idufb Ehhuiaemca.

Try hiding.

the monstrous tower

The air smells like seed here.

the medieval laboratory

There are ten Orcs here. The floor is smooth. The air tastes like acetone here. The stone walls are ruined. The Orc are performing a ritual. If not interrupted, Renaldo Rau will be magically alarmed.

the unexpected temple

The floor is sticky. The air smells like eucalyptus here. Yellow ferns are decaying from the walls.

the busy walkway

The floor is smooth. There are a Black Bear and a Giant Shark here. The air tastes like cucumber here. White lichens are decaying from the ceiling.