Falomlemcwi Iodafaemdamlamd


Falomlemcwi Iodafaemdamlamd is located under a crystal mountain. Regions of Falomlemcwi Iodafaemdamlamd are frozen. The ruin is burning. It is occupied by Goblins. Vernon Grider The Changeable, a Kuo-Toa Monitor is here. The Goblins are battling Vernon Grider The Changeable. He is trying to steal The Absent Drain.


The Absent Drain

The Absent Drain looks like a hard amulet. It smells like coriander. When cradled it aids memory.


the noble larder

The mirrored walls are ruined.

the common passageway

Yellow moss is growing from the walls. There are five Goblins and two Hobgoblins here. The air smells like humus here. One of the Goblins is pointing a ballista at the entrance.

There is an engraving on the floor written in Goblins Script.

A trap ahead.

the original vault

There are three Goblins and three Hobgoblins here. One of the Goblins is working a mechanism that can engulf the room in a fiery blaze.

There is an engraving on a monolith written in Goblins Script.

All of us are damned

sad, curious, definite

but passive

We are corrupted

possible and beautiful

Green moss is growing in a patch on the floor. The air tastes like grilling here.

the large sewing room

There are a Guard, an Aarakocra, a Will-O’-Wisp, a Winged Kobold, and a Scorpion here.

There is an engraving on a stone written in common.

Leave now.

the efficient music hall

The floor is cluttered with shells. Gray lichens are decaying in broken urns. The air tastes like gas here.

the elegant wine cellar

The air smells like ylang here. There are a Frog, a Bugbear, a Black Bear, and an Ice Mephit here. The brick walls are bloodstained.

the fresh foundry

There are a Rhinoceros, a Zombie, a Smoke Mephit, and a Piercer here. The floor is glossy.

the portable hall

The concrete walls are bloodstained. There are four Goblins and two Hobgoblins here. The floor is sticky. The Goblins are performing a ritual. If not interrupted, the Goblins will become more powerful.

the imperial dressing room

Red ferns are swaying in cracks in the floor. The floor is sticky. There are four Hobgoblins here. The air tastes like roasted almond here. The Goblins are willing to negotiate.

the complex steeple

The air tastes like ginseng here.

the grateful antechamber

The floor is bloodstained. The air smells like mahogany here. There are three Goblins and three Hobgoblins here. The Goblins are willing to fight to the death.

the fair courtyard

The air tastes like spice here. Yellow razorgrass is decaying in broken urns.

the wet observatory

There are a Goblin and four Hobgoblins here. There is a trap here. When activated, a magical rune will launch a ceiling pendulum. The mirrored walls are covered in mold. The air tastes like buttermilk here. Red mushrooms are sprouting in cracks in the floor. If the Goblins notice the Ruin Dogs, one of them will retreat and alert Vernon Grider.