Eaefhaema Dedwi


Eaefhaema Dedwi is located on a ruined tree. Some areas of Eaefhaema Dedwi are inaccessible. The ruin is coming to life. It is occupied by Yuan-Ti. Modesto Hicks The Bone-Idle, a Frost Giant is here. The Yuan-Ti are ruled by Modesto Hicks The Bone-Idle. He is founding a new religion.


The Steady Supervisor

The Steady Supervisor has the form of a smooth doll. It is a dark yellow color. It smells like metal. When eaten it grants a wish.


the unexpected turret

The air tastes like grape skin here. There are a Young Copper Dragon and a Mimic here. The stone walls are scratched.

the surprising latrine

There are a Frost Giant, a Manticore, a Mastiff, and an Owl here. The air tastes like taco here. The stone walls are scratched.

the deadly entrance hall

The floor is sticky. The air smells like nut skin here.

the fresh meeting hall

The concrete walls are covered in mold. Green lichens are growing in broken urns. The floor is flooded with three inch deep cool water.

the usual crematorium

There is an engraving on the ceiling written in common.

I am lost in Eaefhaema Dedwi.

Hide here.

the colourful courtyard

The floor is flooded with nine inch deep cold water.

the stupid refectory

There are four Yuan-Ti Purebloods and two Yuan-Ti Malisons here. Yellow mushrooms are decaying in a patch on the floor. The brick walls are ruined. One of the Yuan-Ti is pointing a ballista at the entrance.

the unlikely hideaway

The floor is glossy. Gray ferns are decaying in cracks in the floor.

the professional oubliette

There are a Death Dog, an Assassin, and a Mule here.

the colourful courthall

There are a Mage, an Old Faerie Dragon, and a Wyvern here. The floor is glossy.

the impressive parlor

Gray lichens are decaying in broken urns. The floor is cluttered with broken glass.