Duma Caemabe


Duma Caemabe is located under a flooded city. Some areas of Duma Caemabe are inaccessible. The ruin is larger on the inside than the outside. It is occupied by Yuan-Ti. Dante Galvez The Aggressive, a Mind Flayer Arcanist is here. The Yuan-Ti are battling Dante Galvez The Aggressive. He is founding a new religion.



Cmuaeca is a powerful artifact in the shape of a glassy crystal. It smells like orange. It is a light purple color. When held it changes probabilities.


the happy cistern

The floor is smooth. Red ferns are decaying from the walls.

There is an engraving on the wall written in common.

Maybe try fighting.

the accessible crypt

The mirrored walls are unsettled. There are a Doppelganger, an Aarakocra, and an Umber Hulk here. The air smells like freshly cut hay here. Yellow moss is decaying from the ceiling.

the uncomfortable mine

The concrete walls are bloodstained. Green razorgrass is growing from the walls.

the liquid storage room

The air tastes like lettuce here.

There is an engraving on the wall written in Yuan-Ti Script.

I discovered this place.

A trap ahead.

the secondary trophy hall

There are a Young Brass Dragon, a Crawling Claw, and a Bone Naga here. Green moss is decaying from the walls. The metallic walls are caving in.

There is an engraving on the ceiling written in common.

A box is a culture

artificial, private, constructive

A box is a culture