Doggad is constructed on a ruined rift. Regions of Doggad are flooded. The ruin is flooding. It is occupied by Vampires. Reinaldo Light The Careless, a Frost Giant is here. The Vampires worship Reinaldo Light The Careless. He is trying to discover The Ordinary Meal.


The Ordinary Meal

The Ordinary Meal has the form of a glassy orb. Air incinerates from it. When touched it liquifies.


the handy hold

White mushrooms are decaying from the ceiling. There is a trap here. When activated, a tripwire will launch a poison dart.

the lucky chapel

the still bath

The air smells like roasted meaty here. Blue ferns are sprouting in cracks in the floor. The floor is cluttered with broken glass. There is a Drow Priestess of Lolth here. The crystal walls are pristine.

the miserable bedchamber

Green ferns are sprouting from the walls.

the perfect sunroom

The floor is sticky. There are a Giant Vulture, a Drider, a Hell Hound, a Worg, a Slaad Tadpole, a Pixie, and a Poltergeist here.

the light theater

White razorgrass is growing from the walls. The air tastes like cloth here.

the useless storage

The wooden walls are pristine. Yellow lichens are decaying from the ceiling. The floor is cluttered with debris.

the glorious ossuary

The wooden walls are scratched. The floor is flooded with eight inch deep cold water. There are two Vampire Spawns here. Red lichens are decaying from the walls. If the Vampires notice the Ruin Dogs, one of them will retreat and alert Reinaldo Light.

the long ossuary

The air tastes like fish here. The floor is flooded with three inch deep scalding water.

There is an engraving on the floor written in Vampires Script.

Hide here.