Dhela is constructed on a crystal city. Some areas of it are inaccessible. A battle between raiders is happening outside. It is occupied by Sahuagin. Bennett Irish The Inconsistent, a Kuo-Toa Monitor is here. The Sahuagin are ruled by Bennett Irish The Inconsistent. He is trying to find The Useful Winter.


The Useful Winter

The Useful Winter has the form of a transparent spear. It is a dark brown color. When worn it dissappears.


the new passageway

There is a Couatl here. The air smells like almond here. The floor is bloodstained.

the abnormal hold

White moss is sprouting in broken urns.

the smooth garden

The floor is sticky. Red moss is decaying in a patch on the floor. There are eight Sahuagin here. One of the Sahuagin is on watch, the rest are celebrating.

the restricted trophy hall

The stone walls are unsettled. The floor is sticky. Red lichens are swaying from the ceiling.

the slow courtyard

The floor is sticky. The air smells like smoke here. White razorgrass is sprouting in a patch on the floor.

the closed spire

The air smells like tolu here. The brick walls are ruined. The floor is glossy.

the civilian steeple

The obsidion walls are pristine. Yellow razorgrass is growing in a patch on the floor.

the colourful anteroom

Yellow lichens are decaying from the ceiling. There are a Scarecrow, a Pentadrone, a Giant Hyena, and a Crocodile here. The air tastes like coffee here. The floor is flooded with three inch deep hot water.

There is an engraving on a stone written in Sahuagin Script.

I found The Useful Winter.

Do not try dying.