Dfocc is constructed on a broken rift. Parts of Dfocc are flooded. The ruin is flooding. It is occupied by Deep Gnomes. Temika Hardaway The Weak-Willed, a Drow Elite Warrior is here. The Deep Gnomes are ruled by Temika Hardaway The Weak-Willed. She is founding a new religion.


The Active Company

The Active Company looks like a smooth prism. Light shifts near it. When cradled it ignites its surrroundings.


the imperial pantry

The air tastes like autumn here. The glass walls are pristine. There are twelve Deep Gnomes here. Red mushrooms are sprouting in broken urns. The Deep Gnomes are performing a ritual. If not interrupted, the ruin dogs will be weakened.

the expensive shrine

The brick walls are covered in mold. Blue ferns are growing in broken urns.

the cool meeting hall

The brick walls are bloodstained. The floor is flooded with two inch deep cold water. There are a Cult Fanatic, a Werewolf, and a Flameskull here.

the outside amphitheater

Yellow lichens are swaying from the ceiling. The floor is smooth.

There is an engraving on a monolith written in common.

A board is a voice

but dull

successful and transparent

the typical rampart

The wooden walls are ruined. There are twelve Deep Gnomes here. Red ferns are growing from the walls. If the Deep Gnomes notice the Ruin Dogs, one of them will retreat and alert Temika Hardaway.

There is an engraving on a stone written in common.

Try dying.

the harsh cistern

The floor is bloodstained.

the dirty storage

The brick walls are unsettled. The floor is cluttered with ashes.

There is an engraving on the wall written in Deep Gnomes Script.

I am a coward.

I thought about cowering.

the peaceful kitchen

There are a Death Dog, a Flumph, a Sea Hag, a Giant Goat, a Brass Dragon Wyrmling, a Shambling Mound, an Elk, and a Commoner here. The floor is smooth.

the satisfactory larder

The concrete walls are pristine. The floor is bloodstained. Blue mushrooms are growing from the ceiling. There are twelve Deep Gnomes here. One of the Deep Gnomes is working a mechanism that can launch acid at the Ruin Dogs.

the military walkway

The floor is glossy. The air tastes like incense here. There are a Kuo-Toa Monitor, a Giant Owl, a Bandit, an Ettercap, and a Magmin here.

the historical cave

The floor is flooded with five inch deep hot water. The stone walls are pristine. The air tastes like lemon here. There are twelve Deep Gnomes here. The Deep Gnomes are willing to negotiate.

There is an engraving on the floor written in common.

Run away.