Dfeaeia Dfuodha


Dfeaeia Dfuodha is constructed on a crystal plain. Some areas of Dfeaeia Dfuodha are flooded. The ruin is larger on the inside than the outside. It is occupied by Myconids. Bruce Shapiro The Pusillanimous, a Cloud Giant is here. The Myconids are ruled by Bruce Shapiro The Pusillanimous. He is founding a new religion.


The Delicate Service

The Delicate Service has the form of a mushy blade. When worshipped it tunnels into the earth.


the smooth jail

Red mushrooms are growing in broken urns. The glass walls are unsettled. The air tastes like acai here.

the minimum foyer

Gray moss is growing in cracks in the floor. The mirrored walls are ruined. The floor is cluttered with broken glass. There are an Orog, a Dretch, a Thug, a Chuul, a Xorn, and a Bandit Captain here. The air tastes like rose tea here.

the proper stairwell

Blue ferns are sprouting from the walls.

the archaeological music hall

Green lichens are swaying in cracks in the floor.

There is an engraving on the wall written in Myconids Script.

I could not try leaving.

the fresh foyer

Green lichens are decaying in broken urns. The stone walls are bloodstained.

the large crematorium

There are a Nothic, a Peryton, a Lizard King, and a Will-O’-Wisp here. The air smells like cucumber here.

There is an engraving on a tablet written in Myconids Script.

I worship The Delicate Service.

the illegal cavern

Green moss is swaying from the ceiling. The floor is glossy.

the cute larder

Red mushrooms are swaying in a patch on the floor. The glass walls are caving in. There are a Poisonous Snake, a Cyclops, a Fire Snake, and a Troll here. The floor is flooded with five inch deep cold water.

There is an engraving on a stone written in common.

I am seeking The Delicate Service.

the uniform kitchen

The wooden walls are bloodstained.