Deoia Faiaehmedaeum


Deoia Faiaehmedaeum is located on a flooded tree. Some areas of it are unbearably cold. A solar eclipse is happening outside. It is occupied by Githyanki. Richelle Ferry The Bitchy, a Succubus is here. The Githyanki are the slaves of Richelle Ferry The Bitchy. She is trying to understand The Color-Blind Card.


The Color-Blind Card

The Color-Blind Card is a powerful artifact in the shape of a wet blade. It smells like umami. When carried it dissappears.


The floor is cluttered with broken glass. The air smells like privet blossom here.

the bad observatory

The air smells like cornmeal here. The floor is sticky.

the commercial library

Blue lichens are swaying in broken urns.

the military closet

White lichens are growing in a patch on the floor. The metallic walls are ruined. The air tastes like narcissus here.

the provincial guard post

The air smells like clover here. Blue razorgrass is swaying from the walls.

the expensive infirmary

Red razorgrass is sprouting from the ceiling. The air smells like resin here.

the broken garden

There are two Githyanki Warriors here. The air tastes like acacia here. The Githyanki are berserk with rage.

There is an engraving on the wall written in common.

I found The Color-Blind Card.

Leave at once.

the vulnerable park

Green lichens are swaying in cracks in the floor.

the impressive depository

The air tastes like privet blossom here. There are two Githyanki Warriors here. The floor is glossy. The Githyanki are celebrating.

the limited pantry

There are a Nothic, a Mummy, and a Jackalwere here. Yellow razorgrass is growing from the ceiling. The wooden walls are pristine. The floor is cluttered with ashes.

the wet dormitory

There is a trap here. When activated, a pressure plate will close a portcullis. There are a Cult Fanatic and a Troll here.

There is an engraving on the wall written in Githyanki Script.

I am seeking The Color-Blind Card.

the funny parlor

There are two Githyanki Warriors here. The glass walls are ruined. The floor is flooded with eight inch deep cold water. The Githyanki are fighting amongst themselves.

There is an engraving on a stone written in Githyanki Script.

They are envious

dominant, proud, seasonal

always possible

the notorious study

The floor is sticky. The obsidion walls are caving in. Green moss is decaying in cracks in the floor.