Cumdfelaecdaeum Ihaaua


Cumdfelaecdaeum Ihaaua is located in a poisoned tree. Parts of it are cursed. The ruin is coming to life. It is occupied by Sprites. Johnie Bostick The Unkind, a Cyclops is here. The Sprites are ruled by Johnie Bostick The Unkind. She is founding a new religion.


Labumidfedaeum Fmwidmb

Labumidfedaeum Fmwidmb looks like a sharp gem. It is a bright orange color. It smells like chrysanthemum. When held it glows with an eerie light.


the flawed great hall

Blue mushrooms are sprouting from the walls.

There is an engraving on a stone written in Sprites Script.

Labumidfedaeum Fmwidmb

but never weekly

statistical, cultural, curious

you will be loved

the normal atrium

The air smells like tomato here. There are twenty four Sprites here. The metallic walls are unsettled. Red moss is swaying in a patch on the floor. The Sprites are willing to negotiate.

There is an engraving on the floor written in common.

I am seeking Labumidfedaeum Fmwidmb.

the satisfactory cave

The concrete walls are unsettled.

There is an engraving on a stone written in common.

I am lost in Cumdfelaecdaeum Ihaaua.

I tried jumping.

the rough wine cellar

Red ferns are growing from the ceiling. The air smells like umami here. There are twenty four Sprites here. The brick walls are pristine. One of the Sprites is working a mechanism that can engulf the room in a fiery blaze.

the international sitting Room

The stone walls are pristine. The air tastes like cloth here. There are an Ankylosaurus, a Gargoyle, a Bronze Dragon Wyrmling, and an Animated Armor here.

the practical passageway

The floor is glossy. The metallic walls are caving in. The air tastes like garlic here. There are a Hill Giant and a Black Dragon Wyrmling here.

There is an engraving on a tablet written in Sprites Script.

Oh dire god

it is always odd

it is never ethnic

life is odd

the concrete courthall

The air tastes like immortelle here. White razorgrass is decaying in broken urns. The floor is cluttered with rocks.