Cmabaeidfwi Dollaemh


Cmabaeidfwi Dollaemh is constructed on a poisoned rift. Some areas of Cmabaeidfwi Dollaemh are flooded. The ruin is sinking into the earth. It is occupied by Yuan-Ti. Johnathon Butts The Untidy, a Veteran is here. The Yuan-Ti are the minions of Johnathon Butts The Untidy. He is trying to recover Mufuicuda.



Mufuicuda is a powerful artifact in the shape of a warm figurine. It is a pale white color. Fire flows towards it. When worn it levitates surrounding objects.


the infinite entrance hall

There are an Elk, a Ghoul, a Giant Owl, a Gargoyle, and a Zombie here. The air tastes like earth here. The glass walls are scratched.

the mechanical theater

The floor is sticky. There are two Yuan-Ti Purebloods here. The Yuan-Ti are celebrating.

There is an engraving on a tablet written in Yuan-Ti Script.

I tried hiding.

the inadequate greenhouse

Green mushrooms are growing from the ceiling. The floor is glossy. There are a Goblin, a Giant Octopus, a Rust Monster, and a Worg here.

the offensive laboratory

the offensive cloister

The concrete walls are caving in. Red lichens are sprouting from the ceiling. There are two Yuan-Ti Purebloods here. The Yuan-Ti are willing to fight to the death.

the modest throne room

The air smells like seafood here. The obsidion walls are bloodstained. There are two Yuan-Ti Purebloods here. One of the Yuan-Ti is pointing a ballista at the entrance.

the exotic parlor

The air smells like cantaloupe here. The mirrored walls are ruined. There are two Yuan-Ti Purebloods here. The Yuan-Ti are performing a ritual. If not interrupted, a powerful monster will be summoned.