Cebdeaehm Gufc


Cebdeaehm Gufc is located in an alien plain. Regions of Cebdeaehm Gufc are cursed. The ruin is coming to life. It is occupied by Githzerai. Josue Ferreira The Aggressive, a Fire Giant is here. The Githzerai worship Josue Ferreira The Aggressive. He is founding a new religion.


Cuggaa Dufdfeaed

Cuggaa Dufdfeaed looks like a transparent blade. It smells like whiskey. It is a shifting brown color. When rubbed it changes probabilities.


the practical propylaeum

The stone walls are ruined. The floor is bloodstained.

the transparent foundry

The floor is sticky. The air smells like cologne here. There is a trap here. When activated, a tripwire will swing a tripping chain. There are five Githzerai Monks here. Yellow razorgrass is sprouting in a patch on the floor. One of the Githzerai is on watch, the rest are meditating.

the surprising closet

The air tastes like chamomile here. There are a Ghoul, a Phase Spider, a Giant Crocodile, and a Githzerai Monk here. Blue ferns are growing from the walls.

the major latrines

Yellow lichens are sprouting from the ceiling.

the varied shrine

The metallic walls are caving in.

the lucky hall

Blue mushrooms are decaying from the walls. The brick walls are pristine.

the vertical mine

The floor is sticky. There are a Kuo-Toa Monitor, a Young Gold Dragon, and a Swarm of Ravens here. The mirrored walls are caving in.

There is an engraving on the ceiling written in Githzerai Script.

Poor me! sorry god

it is always democratic

it is always odd

fate is systematic

the desirable atrium

The floor is sticky. Gray razorgrass is decaying from the walls. The air smells like foliage here.

the free room

The floor is glossy. Gray razorgrass is decaying in broken urns. The mirrored walls are unsettled. There are a Giant Rat, a Werebear, a Barbed Devil, and a Flying Snake here.

the vacant steeple

There are five Githzerai Monks here. The metallic walls are bloodstained. The floor is smooth. White ferns are sprouting from the walls. The air smells like dairy here. If the Githzerai notice the Ruin Dogs, one of them will retreat and alert Josue Ferreira.

the common shrine

The air tastes like green tea here. The glass walls are pristine. There are a Blink Dog, a Cult Fanatic, an Old Faerie Dragon, a Giant Spider, a Thri-Kreen, a Quadrone, and a Bearded Devil here. Red moss is swaying from the walls.

the closed spire

The air smells like frankincense here. There are a Grick Alpha, a Silver Dragon Wyrmling, and a Half-Ogre here.

the voluntary tube

The wooden walls are scratched.