Besa is constructed on a volcanic plain. Some rooms of Besa are corrupted. A blizzard is happening outside. It is occupied by Satyrs. Tommie Reeves The Indiscreet, an Incubus is here. The Satyrs worship Tommie Reeves The Indiscreet. She is trying to steal The Dynamic Cable.


The Dynamic Cable

The Dynamic Cable looks like a mushy prism. It smells like watercress. When carried it burns the mind.


the complete cistern

Gray razorgrass is sprouting in a patch on the floor.

the liberal observatory

The air tastes like ammonia here. There are eight Satyrs here. One of the Satyrs is on watch, the rest are celebrating.

the beautiful larder

The floor is flooded with nine inch deep hot water. White moss is swaying from the ceiling. The crystal walls are scratched.

the practical propylaeum

Yellow ferns are sprouting in cracks in the floor. The air tastes like roasted hazelnut here. The crystal walls are ruined. There are a Lion, a Ghoul, an Orog, and a Dretch here.

the free courtyard

Green moss is growing from the ceiling. The floor is bloodstained. There are eight Satyrs here. The Satyrs are caring for babies.

the fragrant larder

The mirrored walls are bloodstained. The floor is bloodstained.

the ugly infirmary

The air smells like lemon peel here.

the dangerous trophy hall

The floor is flooded with five inch deep lukewarm water. There are a Red Dragon Wyrmling, a Deep Gnome, and a Hawk here. The air smells like cereal here. Green moss is growing in a patch on the floor.

the peaceful linen room

Gray moss is decaying in broken urns. The air smells like bouillon here.

the random cistern

The glass walls are caving in.

the integrated library

The floor is cluttered with debris. There are a Quasit, a Polar Bear, a Shadow, a Constrictor Snake, and a Myconid Adult here. The obsidion walls are unsettled.

the light foyer

The air tastes like labdanum here. Red ferns are sprouting in broken urns. The mirrored walls are pristine.

There is an engraving on a monolith written in Satyrs Script.

The Dynamic Cable

awkward and ambiguous

soft and unlawful