Befedmum is located under a poisoned mountain. Parts of Befedmum are cursed. The ruin is burning. It is occupied by Duergars. Ilona Turpin The Cunning, a Drow Priestess of Lolth is here. The Duergars have been charmed by Ilona Turpin The Cunning. She is trying to recover Lfaiiaemh Dmfuma.


Lfaiiaemh Dmfuma

Lfaiiaemh Dmfuma has the form of a mushy blade. It smells like rancid butter. It is a bright gray color. When cradled it destroys itself.


the irrelevant storeroom

Green moss is swaying in cracks in the floor. The wooden walls are caving in. The air smells like pork here. The floor is flooded with two inch deep cold water. There are a Plesiosaurus, a Water Weird, a Giant Goat, a Yuan-Ti Malison, and a Zombie here.

the infinite workshop

The floor is cluttered with broken glass. Yellow ferns are growing in broken urns. The metallic walls are pristine.

the standard coliseum

The air smells like sand here. Blue moss is sprouting in cracks in the floor. The concrete walls are scratched. The floor is flooded with four inch deep lukewarm water.

the thin kitchen

The floor is glossy. The concrete walls are pristine. Yellow ferns are decaying in broken urns.

There is an engraving on the ceiling written in common.

All of us are hidden

yet square

intermediate and equal

incongruous and cautious

lost, relative, commercial

operational and generous

occupational and fat

All of us are hidden

the hard cistern

Yellow mushrooms are swaying from the walls.

the harsh park

There are seven Duergars here. The Duergars are drunk.

the open garden

There are an Imp, a Lizard King, a Steam Mephit, and a Carrion Crawler here. The air tastes like white rose here. Yellow razorgrass is growing in broken urns.

the old forge

Gray lichens are decaying from the ceiling. The air smells like petitgrain here.

There is an engraving on a monolith written in Duergars Script.

I am lonely.

Go away.

the convenient pool

Blue ferns are sprouting in cracks in the floor. The air smells like bread baked here. The crystal walls are covered in mold.

the commercial nursery

The stone walls are scratched. Gray mushrooms are sprouting from the walls. The floor is smooth. The air smells like flesh here.

the real crematorium

The floor is flooded with four inch deep lukewarm water. Red mushrooms are sprouting in broken urns.