Baeluia Fahocdemca


Baeluia Fahocdemca is located on a cursed plain. Parts of Baeluia Fahocdemca are foggy. The ruin is burning. It is occupied by Sahuagin. Cleo Dye The Obstinate, a Mind Flayer Arcanist is here. The Sahuagin are the slaves of Cleo Dye The Obstinate. He is trying to destroy Dedha.



Dedha looks like a wet rock. Air incinerates around it. When eaten it grants power to its owner.


the useless depository

There are a Darkmantle, a Saber-Toothed Tiger, a Giant Wasp, a Beholder Zombie, and a Priest here.

the still chapel

The floor is flooded with nine inch deep scalding water.

the artificial temple

The air smells like orangeflower here. The floor is flooded with six inch deep scalding water.

the wild laboratory

White mushrooms are growing from the ceiling. The air tastes like tobacco here.

the supplementary guard post

The air smells like popcorn here. There are a Water Elemental and an Elephant here. The glass walls are bloodstained.

There is an engraving on the ceiling written in common.

A stamp is a fog

wet, true, delicate

ever unfair

general, cool, temporary

the major keep

The floor is flooded with two inch deep scalding water. The air tastes like must here. The metallic walls are unsettled. Yellow ferns are decaying from the walls.