Baefecha is located in a crystal tree. Regions of it are inaccessible. A massive storm is happening outside. It is occupied by Dryads. Collette Madrid The Narrow-Minded, a Myconid Sprout is here. The Dryads are the soldiers of Collette Madrid The Narrow-Minded. She is founding a new religion.



Heiawiaf is a powerful artifact in the shape of a cold sphere. Magic slides towards it. It is a sickly red color. When smelled it liquifies.


the secondary garden

The metallic walls are caving in.

There is an engraving on a stone written in common.

We are frozen

dangerous and serious

you shall be punished

the unexpected park

Yellow lichens are swaying in broken urns. The floor is flooded with seven inch deep cold water.

There is an engraving on a stone written in common.

I am lost in Baefecha.

the miserable temple

The floor is glossy. There are two Dryads here. Red razorgrass is swaying from the ceiling. The crystal walls are caving in. The air smells like frankincense here. The Dryads are performing a ritual. If not interrupted, a powerful monster will be summoned.

the unique cave

Gray moss is swaying in broken urns. The wooden walls are ruined. The air smells like quince here.

the clean storage

The air tastes like lemon here. There is a trap here. When activated, a magical proximity detector will cast a curse. The floor is flooded with five inch deep scalding water.

the fresh walkway

The glass walls are scratched. There are an Ice Mephit, a Deep Gnome, a Mastiff, a Giant Eagle, and a Vulture here.

the frozen garden

The air tastes like coffee here.