Aemiaela is located under a giant city. Some areas of it are inaccessible. A massive flood is happening outside. It is occupied by Sahuagin. Ezekiel Sacco The Flirtatious, a Cloud Giant is here. The Sahuagin are battling Ezekiel Sacco The Flirtatious. He is founding a new religion.


Geimaeum Cfuial

Geimaeum Cfuial has the form of a cold meteorite. When carried it destroys itself.


the extraordinary meeting hall

The floor is glossy. The metallic walls are ruined.

the odd courthall

The air smells like white chocolate here. Blue mushrooms are sprouting in a patch on the floor. The floor is cluttered with broken glass.

the dry cave

The glass walls are bloodstained. There are a Sahuagin and two Sahuagin Barons here. The Sahuagin are performing a ritual. If not interrupted, a powerful monster will be summoned.

the ample observatory

There are two Sahuagin Barons here. The air smells like buttery cabbage here. If the Sahuagin notice the Ruin Dogs, one of them will retreat and alert the others.

the ample observatory

The air smells like mimosa here. White moss is swaying from the ceiling.

the inappropriate chapel

There is a trap here. When activated, a tripwire will launch stone blocks from the ceiling. The mirrored walls are pristine. The floor is smooth.

the toxic wine cellar

There are a Sahuagin and two Sahuagin Barons here. One of the Sahuagin is on watch, the rest are fighting amongst themselves.